Alumil Supreme S91

Innovative hinged system for passive houses

The system SUPREME S91 was specially designed in order to meet the high requirements of passive houses. It is ideal for heavy duty constructions offering a high level of security. The system’s development was driven by the need for best in cla ss performances in terms of thermal insulation, atertightness as well as sound reduction. The S91 is the perfect solution for th e most demanding markets.

Technical characteristics

Visible aluminium face width

93 mm

Frame height

61 mm

Frame width

91 mm

Sash height

73 mm

Sash width

99 mm

Sash weight

Up to 150 Κg


37 up to 81 mm


54 mm width, Kooltherm,
PE insulation foam

Τεχνικά χαρακτηριστικά

Ελάχιστο εμφανές ύψος κατασκευής

93 mm

Ύψος κάσας

61 mm

Πλάτος κάσας

91 mm

Ύψος φύλλου

73 mm

Πλάτος φύλλου

99 mm

Βάρος φύλλου

Έως 150 Κg

Πάχος υάλωσης

Από 37 έως 81 mm

Είδος θερμομόνωσης

Πολυαμίδια πλάτους
54 mm, Kooltherm,
Αφρώδες μονωτικό υλικό